Hi, I'm Phil

About Phil

I was born and raised in Arvada, CO. From a young age I was ingrained with
a belief in the American Dream and was taught the values of a good work ethic,
honesty, and integrity. I had a close relationship with my father who began his working life as a field picker in Rocky Ford. When I was fourteen years old, I began working with him at his new construction company. I can still remember working on our site after school while watching my friends playing football in the fields nearby. Throughout High School, I wrestled at a competitive level, which helped me appreciate the value of working as a team to achieve a common goal. This value was further ingrained in me when I joined the U.S. Marine Corps after graduating from Arvada High School. In the Corps, I was a combat engineer and a veteran of combat operations. I earned the great honor of being a marksmanship instructor for all ranks of soldiers. This experience enabled me to see the needs and importance of all people, no matter their class, color or creed. After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 1990, I returned to helping my father build his construction company. I was able to put the skills I had learned in the Marines to use, knowing that often times, the best type of leader is one who is willing to pick up a shovel alongside his employees to get the job done. It also taught me the importance of listening to all stakeholders to come up with the best solution to a problem. Life then lead me to Xcel Energy, where I worked as a utility foreman, veterans facilitator, and a union steward for IBEW Local 111. I continue to hone my leadership skills and am able to give back through many service programs. I currently live in Brighton where my wife Tonya and I own and operate our excavation company Capital Construction with our two kids Nicholas and Erik. 

I started my political journey as a planning commissioner for Brighton, then served in the Colorado House, and that brings me to the present where I am running to be your Adams County Commissioner.

Proven Experience

As a state representative, I ran various pieces of bipartisan legislation geared towards promoting career and technical education while consistently voting for lower taxes, pro-worker deregulation, and other fiscally responsible measures. 


Some highlights include:

HB-1341, Creating a state apprenticeship resource directory to make it easier for those interested to join vocational and technical fields

HB-1034, Creating a grant program to cover initial costs of entering into vocational education

HB-1041, Requiring the state to take more measures to guide students on career paths and opportunities that directly lead to jobs out of high school

HR-1006, Designating March 21st as "Colorado Trades and CTE Day" to promote awareness of the importance of trades, career, and technical education to the future of the economy.

Securing over $1.5 million for various technical education schools